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  • We work with people that have a vacant home or others that need to move in 6 months or a year. Planning ahead is always best.
  • Nothing fishy here. This dictates what kind of deal we structure. We do not need to know specific details at this moment in time.
  • The offer on your home is directly related to how flexible you are. Obviously getting paid today is harder to do and it will yield a lower amount. The ability to wait for the cash allows sellers to maximize their net.
  • We know this is not the usual setup. Nobody really wakes up in the morning and says "Today I will sell my home on a lease purchase". We only ask that you keep an open mind and let us show you the most profitable options when it comes to selling your home.
    The Realtors seem to be the best and only choice when it comes to selling your home. That is far from the truth. The Realtor associations simply have the loudest voice, but that does not mean they are the best choice. Not much money is spent on educating people to choices they have when it comes to selling their home.
  • What is your ideal situation? It can be something like "I don't want to worry about a 2nd mortgage payment" or I want to net $50,000 after all is said and done. You get the idea.
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